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Audio/Video Submissions

Got songs? Audio or video, covers or originals - Send your creations to

MP3s and weblinks are always welcome!

Got news about your project? New album, upcoming tour, big news... Let's get it on the air in the form of a feature!

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Creation Station is aimed towards providing artists with services to help artists further their career in the visual and audio arts. Whether you're looking to get into the music industry as a musician, an engineer, cameraperson, manager, or promoter, we can work with you to not only show you the basics, but give you a platform to build your skills on.


Currently, we provide the following services:


An online radio station where independent artists can submit their music to and on air personalities can create independent shows Tune in on our website, via our mobile app, or through one of many streaming services like and Alexa.

Videos of the Week

Independent artists that submit their music videos to us get consideration for promotion on our website and announced through our social media. Successful videos are then considered further for television broadcasting opportunities. 


Prairie Mountain Artist Showcase which can be seen on multiple television stations in Manitoba, Ontario, British Columbia, and Nova Scotia. Also available via Satellite television across Canada!

Video Production

Filming services for special events, music video production, and more


 Providing one to one sessions with individuals that want to learn about audio and video services like mixing and mastering, editing, or programming setup/usage. 


Media Creation and Distribution Services

We can arrange for artist's materials to be heard not only on our radio station, but hundreds of other radio stations throughout North America. In addition, we can help create your album and produce your CD, vinyl, or MP3.

Hosted Karaoke

Let us bring the music party to you! With enough mics to accomodate 4 singers at once, our karaoke library has over 65,000 songs to choose from and is available in multiple languages. In addition, we bring our online resources to the party, so if we don't have the song you're looking for readily available in our database, we'll go out and find it for you - RIGHT ON THE SPOT!

Live Event Bookings/Sound Services

Whether you're a band looking for a gig to play in the Westman area or ​a venue looking to book talent, contact us for availabilities 

If all that's not enough, we are also committed to constructing a music complex within the Westman region!. Keep an eye on us for when that announcement comes through!  It will be a place for anyone interested in the creative arts, providing artists with support and the ability to get their project further ahead. From providing rehearsal space (hourly or monthly rentals) to a recording studio and a performance center, bands can focus on the music without worrying about where to go to get "the next step" accomplished.
Although most commonly described as a music complex, Creation Station will also showcase local visual artist talents, by displaying artwork in the facility, photographic or paint. In addition, the Creation Station will also include additional services such as:
- classrooms for artists wishing to teach
- Gallery to display art creations or showcase artists
- and more!

For more information on any of the services we provide,  contact us!

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