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Culture cancel, the new fad?

Right off the start, I admit this was something I was hesitant to write about due to the sensitivity of the topic, but at the same time, to not write on something that's been a growing issue and concern, only censors my thoughts and opinions, and I can't accept that as a resolution. So I apologize in advance to those I offend, and hope to get my point across in a politically correct fashion.

The latest fad in the younger generations is apparently something called called "Culture Cancel" where it's described as a modern form of ostracism in which someone is thrust out of social or professional circles – whether it be online, on social media, or in person. Cancel Culture originates often from good intentions, but instead of explaining how a person's behavior has been harmful to others and allowing them the opportunity to learn from their mistakes, it ostracizes a person and can leave them with doubts and poor self esteem.

In this day and age, we have become easily offended. As the years go by, it's increased to the point where a simple joke gets questioned, and we watch our actions more and more as not to offend others.

Lana Del Rey expresses her opinion and gets labelled a racist. Eminem gets the evil eye for a line on a song he sang with Beyoncé 8 YEARS AGO. Demi Lovato gets targeted for a social media account under her name making fun of Selena Gomez despite the fact there was no proof it was ever her account.

Music has ALWAYS had lyrics that had the ability to spark controversy. Garth Brooks wrote a song in 1993 called "the night will only know" - the lyrics are as follows:

That night will live forever Their first time to lie together

They were finally where desire dared them to go

Both belonging to another But longing to be lovers

Promising each other that the night will only know

Parked on some old backstreet They laid down in the back seat

And fell into the fire down below