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Gearing up to go live

Let's face it, the 14 day trend to flatten the curve extending to what feels like 14 years has messed up a lot of people economically, socially and financially. For musicians, it's no different. Some artists have actually benefitted from it by locking themselves up and getting their creative juices flowing, writing songs, recording tracks, and getting themselves ready for when restrictions lighten up so we can learn to play nicely together once again. Others weren't as lucky, as they had to endure the hardships of not being able to play live. Without even discussing it with my fellow musicians, I can only imagine the hardships they had to face while going through this pandemic. A select few are probably still going through it as the term "mandatory vaccinations" become more common.

Most of the musicians I know are like me: They love to perform live. They love to create a composition and make it a masterpiece, get into the studio, and record it for everyone to enjoy. That's not to say every musician is of the same opinion, as we all have our reasons for doing what we love. In the case of artists, some like to just write and record. No interest in the stage whatsoever. I ran into one guitar a couple years ago where we spent HOURS just jamming out and having a blast. At the end of the session, I looked at him and said "we seriously need to get some of this worked on, polished, and recorded - it sounds AMAZING!" The response I got floored me.

"No. I just like to play."

An entire evening of original material whipped up with no prior knowledge of one another's playing abilities, and it was with a guy who would be more content with creating content at a campfire than at a studio. It was a take on playing music I have never would have even considered in all my life had I never experienced it. But discussing with mutual friends it was confirmed. When it comes to playing guitar, this guy just rattles off whatever comes to mind, and he has no interest in being committed to a project, or become restricted to a set song or style in a composition.

Guys like him, the idea of becoming restricted in where one can play becomes irrelevant. To folks like me however... Some have become depressed over it all and needing professional therapy. Others have recognized this weakness and acted upon it, whether for financial gain, or to impose themselves as a "healer" or as a savior of sorts to depression and mental health. If they don't have the appropriate degrees and wish to discuss your situation on a social media platform, my personal opinion is to stay the hell away from it. If you are facing depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or anything of the sort, PLEASE seek professional counselling and prepare to tell your story on your platform, not someone else's.