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Know Your Worth

Over the years I've seen musicians that got a lucky break and make their fortune from the start, and I've also seen musicians pay a fortune just to be heard. The desire for a musician to write, compose, perform and collaborate can unfortunately cost more money than what some can afford.

Whether the artist is a multi platinum world touring artist destined for the wall of fame or a street corner busker playing empty paint pails and pot lids, if they created the music they play, they play with the passion of music that burns within them. Take the time to listen to them. If you like what you hear, support them. If you don't like it, remember everyone is entitled to an opinion, and everyone is entitled to an expression. Respect them for willing to express themselves in music or art.

In this world we live money has always been the controlling factor. In the music industry, it's no different. The manager wants a share, the recording studio charges an hourly rate, the price of music gear continues to soar, and marketing strategists earn a profit based on getting the material heard. It takes a village to raise a child, but in the music industry, the child pays the village to look out for them.

Myself, I consider myself a music enthusiast. I've played for many years until the physical ability no longer permits it. I've learned a lot over the years and continue to do so every day as I build Creation Station. One thing I've learned however that can't be taught is for musicians to know their worth, not only to themselves but to those who surround them with hopes and dreams. Fame. Fortune. The Golden Egg is at their fingertips.

Artists: When bringing anyone into your world, know exactly what their promising you, and make them stick to it. if a management company charges a base fee for something that can be measured in a commission basis, question it. If an hourly rate is considered high, shop around. Anyone can claim their the best at what they do, but they need to be their best FOR YOU. Build the village around you that you want the child within you to be raised in.

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Ha I can't believe you just wrote this. I literally was just saying a similar message to a friend! These words are true. I checked.

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