Bill Syrik

For Creation Station Founder and "Grand Poobah" Bill Syrik, the vision of Creation Station came to light in the Summer of 2020. By combining his experiences over the years in rehearsal rooms, recording studios, performance venues, and networking with other musicians, Bill came up with the idea of creating a facility to provide everything all under one roof. 

In the independent music scene, Bill has filled the role as a songwriter, musician, promoter, distributor and manager. He has also experienced the enduring processes of recording, mixing and mastering an album, and touring., as well as gainingexperience working in a radio station and worked alongside numerous artists of varying degrees from just learning how to be in a band, to nationally acclaimed artists. Working with venue owners, promotion companies, and service providers, Bill learned not only what it took to be on the stage, on the mic, and in the song, but also what it took to make the stage come alive.

The one lesson that impacted his view on the local music scene the most was understanding the phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” – Without an ever-expanding community to support the emerging artist, the artist’s creations can never be fully heard and appreciated.


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